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TAG.  Just eight facts for a character.  

I was tagged by :iconsparkmaster37: to do Darren and :iconradcular: to do Brian. So the Kelly twins!


  1. Darren actually has somewhat alright eyesight.  He just uses weak glasses to help. 

  2. Darren is a vegetarian, mostly because of its environmental benefits. Amy's a vegetarian because of her morality. 

  3. Darren worries about a lot of things, personally: how he sounds, acts, moves, and about others.  He worries constantly about Brian’s conditions, Mullet’s attitude, Amy’s volume, and the current state of the world in terms of climate.

  4. He will avoid it, but Dazzer listens to catchy, silly music constantly in his room while dancing in his chair.

  5. He wants to go into grad school after college.

  6. He has the least resistance to sun exposure and will burn pretty quickly.

  7. He feels like his awkwardness can impede what he really means when he says things.

  8. He has a crush on Nick from WALK THE MOON.


  1. Brian has a love for all things fictional with a soft spot for the Wild West genre.

  2. His favorite characters are lone rangers, either in space or western.

  3. He has a helm but won’t wear it anymore. He won’t say why.

  4. Brian has a yet undiagnosed condition.  Darren describes it as “a troubled struggle”.

  5. He sometimes forgets if something minor happened or didn’t.

  6. He is extremely intimidated by Mullet, fearing he’ll make fun of Brian. He's not a fan of Chloe since she's too intrusive. So he retreats when they come over.

  7. He’s homeschooled, with both Dad and Bro helping out.

  8. He was the first to grow facial hair out of the AYS cast.

I don't tag cuz I'm a BITCH. I feel like if people want to do this, they can |D Also, I definitely need more pictures of just singular characters >U>
  • Listening to: Irish Folk Songs
  • Reading: Darren's Lab Report
  • Watching: My cat mock my heritage
  • Playing: A jolly tune
  • Eating: Turnips off the back end of a rusted pickup
  • Drinking: Lab ethanol


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Howdy!! I'm Michael but you can call me Mike, Mikey, Mikester, Mirtlie, Sweet Cheese, Sugar or Simply Solid ;u; .... don't call me those last two names xD But really, feel free to have a chat with me, I'm friendly :3

I like to draw cartoon OCs for both my and your enjoyment ;u; I hope you stay long enough to have fun with them :la:

Art Trades - Open
Requests - Kinda Open
Anything else - Closed

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